About Cheryl Carter & Associates

About Cheryl Carter
Since we started in 2000, we have become known in the market place for our ability to facilitate intense, small group training sessions. Our emphasis is on promoting individual growth and development, whilst at the same time satisfying client company requirements and industry standards.

We specialise in soft skills training and our expertise lies in the Communication, Interpersonal and Personal Development areas. We train at Supervisory, Middle and Senior Management levels.

Cheryl Carter & Associates (Pty) Ltd is an Accredited Private Provider with the Services SETA. We are also Accredited with the MERSETA, CATHSSETA and ETDP SETA. You will find our details and the Unit Standards we offer listed with each of these SETA’s.

Our Assessors and Moderators are registered with the relevant SETAs and we have been accrediting our learners since 2005.


Our facilitators have more than 20 years experience in the training and business fields.

As facilitators, our aim is to promote a challenging and stimulating learning environment which supports and encourages individual development and understanding of the topic being discussed. Our emphasis on practical experience gives learners the chance to experiment in class and allows them to return to the work place with greater confidence and self belief. Group exercises and games are used to reinforce learning points and to promote group unity, communication and understanding.

Our main emphasis is on helping learners to grow through self-analysis and to gain a deeper understanding of how their individual behaviour impacts on the team and colleagues.


Our aim is for the learner to gain as much practical experience as possible, so that what has been learnt on course can be implemented when the individual returns to the work place. We therefore ensure that ALL our training courses include all or most of the areas listed below.

About Cheryl CarterCase studies

Linked to the course content and used to promote group discussions as well as individual problem solving skills.
Written work projects – Written projects also serve as part of the Individual Assessment Criteria.

Final group presentations – to managers addressing and solving a work related problem. Presentations also serve as part of the Individual Assessment Criteria and work place assessment.

About Cheryl CarterGroup discussions

Every training course we facilitate allows time for group discussions. This highly participative sharing of knowledge stimulates the individual and allows for a free flow of ideas, which encourages a problem solving approach to situations.

About Cheryl CarterRole Plays

Always included in our Sales, Train The Trainer, Negotiating, Coaching, Conflict Resolution and Mentoring courses. Most role-plays are videoed and constructive discussions on how to improve lead from this.

Filming of presentations, role plays and negotiations – a critical Summative Assessment component and a way for the learner to practically see themselves ‘in action’.


In order for us to facilitate successful and focused training courses, there are some critical course components which we like to adhere to. These components are:

About Cheryl CarterPre-Course Learner Profiles.

Before the start of our courses we expect all learners to complete a Learner Profile Document. This gives us an overview of learner expectations and allows us to double check that our course content is in line with learner levels.

About Cheryl CarterPortfolios of Evidence.

ALL our course manuals – whether for an accredited course or not – include a Portfolio of Evidence, which is completed by the end of the course. This is a workbook in which learners complete on course exercises and outcomes of group discussions.

About Cheryl CarterIndividual Action Plans.

ALL our course manuals – whether for an accredited course or not – include Individual Action Plans at the end of each Module. This is where the learner documents personal areas for improvement or change.

About Cheryl CarterPre-Course Interviews and Presentations.

Before the start of some of our courses, we make presentations to the managers of the learners who will be attending and we discuss course content with them. This ensures that our content matches management’s long term aims.

About Cheryl CarterPre-Course Assessments.

For our long term courses (6 – 9 months) we prefer to assess learners before the start of the course to establish learner levels and to double check that the course content is suitable.

About Cheryl CarterMid-course assessments.

Ensures that learner knowledge levels are sufficient and that skills learnt are being implemented in the work place.

About Cheryl CarterEnd course presentations.

Final individual and group presentations to management give the learner the opportunity of demonstrating their grasp of the topics and how they are going to implement what has been learnt.

About Cheryl CarterExtensive Written Feedback.

We are known for our in-depth post course written feedback which gives management insight into learner’s progress and grasp of the topic discussed on course.